48th MASH Hemorrhagic Research Unit

172 MASH Don Feeney at the mike 48th MASH korea March 1954
Don Feeney at the “mike,” Hemorrhagic Research Unit, 48th MASH, Korea, March 1954

Click here for more photos of 48th MASH Surgical Research Team

While at the 48th MASH and 45th Evacuation Hospital in 1953 and 1954, Don worked with the Surgical Research Team in the Hemorrhagic Research Unit.  Stinky, the pet lamb, Mona the monkey and the baby rabbits were most likely lab subjects, used for research.

“They performed autopsies and many of the chemical, hemotological, bacteriological and parasitological procedures, and maintained a blood bank. Generally they were fully occupied in giving laboratory support to the hospital and were able to spare only a portion of their efforts for investigation.”

From: Medical Science Publication No. 4, Volume II, Laboratory Service in Support of Surgery, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Steers, MC 

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