46th MASH Surgical Research Team

Surgical Research Team in Korea


109 MASH Surgical Research Team, 46th MASH, July 1953
Surgical Research Team 46th MASH July 1953 Pak, Lt. Frawley, Lt Stahl, Capt. Prentice, Lt. Donato, Sgt Lingle, PFC Norm Dial, Han, FR PFC Frank Ponterio, Cpl Ed Hess, Sgt Henry, Capt Sako, Major Artz, Cpl Evans, PFC Beggins

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The intent of the Surgical Research Team was improve survival rate and care of wounded soldiers by researching battle injuries, response to injuries, resuscitation tools and methods used in the field, at battlefront aid stations and mobile medical units.

The team established its major unit at the 46th Surgical Hospital (8209 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) about 8 to 10 miles behind the front.

The Departments of Chemistry, Bacteriology and Pathology of the 406th Medical General Laboratory in Tokyo made their personnel and facilities available to participate in certain major aspects of the program, and the Department of Chemistry at the Army Medical Service Graduate School, the Mass Spectrometry Section of the National Bureau of Standards, and the Department of Surgery of Walter Reed Army Hospital agreed to participate in several of the analytical and clinical follow-up problems respectively.


Surgical Research Team in Korea

Curtis P. Artz, Major, MC
Henry Balch, Major, MC
William H. Crosby, Lt. Col., MC
John H. Davis, Jr., Capt., MC
Robert Donato, 1st Lt., MC
John P. Frawley, 1st Lt., MSC
John M. Howard, Capt., MC
Carl W. Hughes, Lt. Col., MC
Edwin Jahnke, Major, MC
Michael E. Ladd, 1st Lt., MC
William H. Meroney, Major, MC
Roy L. Mundy, Capt., MSC
Arthur Newton, Major, MSC
John M. Olney, 1st Lt., MC
Fred Parrott, 1st Lt., MSC
Robert S. Post, 1st Lt., MC
Theodore Prentice, Capt., MC
Yoshio Sako, Capt., MC
Russell Scott, Jr., 1st Lt., MC
Lloyd H. Smith, Jr., Capt., MC
Robert R. Stahl, 1st Lt., MC
Joseph G. Strawitz, 1st Lt., MC
Paul E. Teschan, Capt., MC

* * * *

Charles Adams, Cpl.
Roger C. Anderson, Cpl.
James Beggin, Pfc.
William Bohley, Cpl.
William H. Cox, Pvt.
George L. Deaver, Pfc.
R. M. Deering, Cpl.
Norman Dial, Pfc.
William H. Dibrell, Cpl.
William Evans, Cpl.
Donald Feeney, Pfc.
Henry J. Gagnon, Cpl.
Herbert Gochman, Cpl.
John. J. Harrison, Sfc.
Meyers Henry, Sgt.
Edward Hess, Pfc.
Albert F. Lingle, Jr., Sfc.
John T. Mackemull, Cpl.
Horace M. Mazzoni, Pvt.
Clarence Meier, M/Sgt.
Joseph Miller, Sgt.
Burton F. Pease, Cpl.
Frank Ponterio, Pfc.
Elmer R. Sheaves, Sfc.
Carl J. Steinmetz, Cpl.
G. A. Szarama, Pvt.
Joel R. Wolfe, Cpl.
John H. Wynn, Jr., Cpl.

From: US Army Medical Department, Office of Medical History; Battle Casualties in Korea, Studies of the Surgical Research Team, Volume I, Introduction-Historical Background and Development, Captain John M. Howard, MC, USAR, Director, Surgical Research Team in Korea

Click here for photos of 46th MASH

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